Intentional Consumption

We’ve been pushing ourselves in our work outs and decided to make an intentional, focused effort on improving our diet in order to see the best results from our efforts. So, Block diet, Zone meals, whatever you want to call it, we’ve decided to start. Basically we are allotted a certain number of “blocks” of protein, carbs and fat, based on our size, to eat for each meal and snack.

This chart has simplified and helped to show what meals should look like. Other than adding a little more math it’s made meal planning pretty simple.


Surprisingly, we have been enjoying our food in it’s simplified form much more than we thought we would. Who new salad without dressing could be so tasty?

I get to enjoy watching Robert continue to eat long after I’ve finished, thanks to our different block allotment. I’m a huge fan of this….

We haven’t been 100% consistent and will continue to improve and make adjustments as we go but this has definitely been an eye-opener to my relationship with food as well as how different items affect our bodies. Noticing the cravings I have based on my emotions or even how my body and energy levels react to high carb meals versus having a properly portioned and balanced meal has been so interesting. It’s also making it a little easier each day to want to make a healthier choice, not from a place of guilt or shame, but because I know how much better I’ll feel after.

Here’s to stewarding our bodies well and developing better habits that will last a lifetime!



Follow along as we share our daily work outs, fitness goals and attempts at leading a healthy lifestyle. This is to help keep us accountable as well as track our progress and hopefully you’ll be encouraged in your own pursuit of a healthier life. Feel free to leave any tips or express your Awe at our incredible feats of strength.


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