Morning Contemplations


Have you ever wondered what God thinks of you? Have you ever asked Him what He loves about you, but there was just silence after? God, who do You think I am? Who do You say I am?

We are continually asking and seeking God in these things because until we know how He sees us we are unable to live in the fullness of all He sees.

 If we say that He is our Bridegroom than we are His Bride, right?

This is how He see’s His Bride, this is how He see’s you:

  • You walk gracefully and display dignity
  • Out of your innermost being is flowing the fullness of His Spirit– that is never failing to satisfy
  • Within your womb there is a birthing of harvest wheat– sons and daughters nurtured by the purity you impart
  • You have become gracious
  • Your life stands tall as a tower, like a shining light on a hill
  • Your revelation eyes are pure and refreshing
  • Such discernment surrounds you
  • Redeeming love crowns you as royalty
  • Your thoughts are full of Life, Wisdom and Virtue
  • Kings are held captive by your beauty
  • You stand in victory above the rest

(Song of Songs 7:1-9)

First we see how He sees us and from that revelation we are filled with longing to know Him more, to express our love for Him more. From this place He reveals the answer to our longing, to place Him as a fiery seal upon our hearts. His fire consumes all that we will yield to it until it no longer feels like a sacrifice because all that we are is His. We are His beautiful bride.

You are His beautiful bride.

Now we can see that our love for Him has made us a tower of passion and contentment for Him, our beloved. We are now a firm wall of protection for others, guarding them from harm. We know that this is how He sees us– we are the ones who bring Him bliss, finding favor in His eyes.

We are now One with our beloved, we rejoice with Him as the other brides-to-be begin to hear His voice and His song. We experience His fullness and know how He sees us, we have yielded to His furious fire and yet our request is still this: “Your voice and song, let me now hear it again.”

So often we ask Him what He thinks of us but we don’t believe Him when tells us. Sometimes all we can see are our failures, our brokenness, our shame and we can’t see what He sees, but He sees our whole story. He sees us coming up from the wilderness leaning on our beloved.

We are His beautiful bride. He came and died for us in order that we could live with Him in fullness, whole.


You are not bound by your past. You are not irreparable. You are not destined to continually fall prey to sin and walk in shame.

You are His beautiful bride.

Remember how God, Creator of the Universe, sees you and choose to partner with Him. Choose to walk with the incredible confidence of a beautiful bride who ravishes His heart with just one glance.

That is you, that is who you are.


“Come away, my lover. Come with me to the far away fields. We will run away together to the forgotten places and show them redeeming love.”

Song of Songs 7:11

-The pictures attached are from our recent visit to Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island. Beautiful flowers seemed fitting while reading through the Song of Songs.


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