New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year! As we reflect on last year and prepare for 2018 the Hubs and I decided to lay out a few goals for this new year. One of which:

No clothing purchases in 2018.

Yes, not even new socks and underwear. 

As we have been travelling for all of 2017, the majority of what we own has been sitting in a storage unit if it’s not with us in backpacks or the trunk of our car. The big thing we have learned from this is that we really don’t need all that much to live full, exciting lives. Yet we tend to pickup little things here and there more out of convienance rather than necessity. 

So after returning to the west coast from our three months exploring India (more blog posts about that adventure coming soon), it was time to reevaluate what to do with all of our stuff . At the beginning of last year we did manage to consolidate our belongings down from two cars, a two bedroom townhouse and all the stuff that quickly fills up the space to one car and a 5’x10′ storage unit. Yet, a year later we’ve realised that even after downsizing considerably we still have more than we need.

In an attempt to actually use some of the possessions that we are currently just paying to store and control our impulse purchasing a little better, we’ve decided to do the incredible; actually wear the clothing that we own. 

 We are looking forward to getting stronger, growing spiritually, living fearlessly and all the adventures that are sure to come in 2018!


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